Etherum Classic Price
21 Clients Mining
1800MH/s Mining Power

Etherum Classic Cloud Mining

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Etherum Classic Mining Contract

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Our ongoing Etherum Classic Mining Contract guarantees long-term profitability for everybody who decide to participate. We will keep mining Etherum coins for you for years to come. Your will avoid all Running Costs with no Maintenance Fee, we will cover all additional expenses like electricity costs, configuring the hardware, maintaining uptime and selecting the most efficient and reliable parts and pools. Start mining Etherum Classic coin today with Rocket Mining and enjoy all the benefits.

What exactly you gone get with Rocket Mining?

  • Ongoing Etherum Classic Cloud Mining Contract
  • User Panel with account details and statistics
  • Weekly Payouts executed by smart contracts
  • No Running Costs or any kind of Maintenance Fee
  • Free Customer Support for all Rocket Mining users

Most of our clients get their investment back in about 6 months time. This means that even with current price you could double, sometimes even triple your investment in 1 year time.

Etherum Classic Pricing Plans

Our Etherum Classic Cloud Mining Contracts
Etherum Classic 50MH/s Mining Contract
  • Ongoing Contract
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Free Customer Support
  • No Maintenance Costs
Etherum Classic 450MH/s Mining Contract
  • Ongoing Contract
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Free Customer Support
  • No Maintenance Costs

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