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More About Zcash

Find out more about Zcash blockchain project


Starting in 2014, the Zcash protocol (known as "Zerocash") was developed through a collaboration between the original Zerocoin researchers and varoiuse Iniversities and IT institutions. Creators were able to improve upon the original design by making it more efficient and more private.The Zcash project was formally announced by ZECC CEO Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn on Jan 20, 2016, as an evolution of the existing Zerocoin project


Zcash uses novel cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs) to protect both the amount and recipient of shielded transactions. Zcash also allows for transparent transactions, which do not provide any privacy protections at all. This is due to shielded addresses lacking certain features (such as multi-signature wallets) and the hardware requirements to generate a shielded transaction


Zcash have solid community of commercial users right from the start of the projects. Zcash blockchain network is increasing capacity and number of transactions almost every month. We invite everybody interested in this blockchain network to take a look at our Zcash Links list. Section is upadated regulary with most interesting projects.

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Zcash Cloud Mining
Why You should Invest in ETH?

Exchanges charts show that Zcash tokens are one of most profitable investments in years to come. From the investor point of view there's a lot of advantages outsourcing mining to 3rd party service like ours. You can start mining Zcash today with our Cloud Mining Contracts.

Advantages of Cloud Mining:
  • Dedicated Space - equipment needed for mining often takes a lot of space and make a lot of noise
  • Equipment Costs - getting mining equipment without bulk preorders can be very expensive plus additional devices, parts, repairs, upgrades etc.
  • Quick Setup - you can be mining cryptocoins in 24 hours time from the moment we receive payment confirmation for your Mining Power
  • Energy Bills - you dont need to worry about unexpected electricity bills with our all included Zcash cloud mining contracts
  • Maintenance - save your time and money on maintenance, hardware upgrades, software updates etc