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Now you can buy the Decred we mined directly from us with 5% Bonus. Instead of loosing money on transactions and exchanges fees we decide to offer better deal for our clients. This way both parties getting great deal, why loose money if you can get more altcoins for the same official market cap price.

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Decred 5% Bonus

You can buy Decred from us with 5% Bonus

Selling directly to our clients lets us save over 7% in the transfers and exchanges fees, thats why we offer 5% Bonus to everyone who decide to buy altcoins from us not other 3rd party. Bonus is issued right after your purchase as a second transaction. If for example you brought 1BTC worth of Decred, right after we send you the Decred you brought, you will get additional transaction with 0.05BTC worth of Decred, amount counted for the same official market cap price as the original purchase.

More About Decred

Find out more about Decred blockchain project


Decred development started in April, 2014 with a single developer and expanded to include developers from btcsuite shortly thereafter. The development of Decred was funded by Company 0 and from the pockets of its developers individually. The cost of developing the project, in terms of developer pay, totals to approximately USD 250,000, which Company 0 paid to developers. An additional amount of approximately USD 165,000 has been allocated for unpaid work and individual purchases by developers.


Decred project have strong focus on community input, open governance and sustainable funding and development. Decred utilizes a hybrid “proof-of-work” and “proof-of-stake” mining system to ensure that a small group cannot dominate the flow of transactions or make changes to Decred without the input of the community.


Decred as a project introduces several development and governance features and proposals to ensure and steer long-term growth. We encourage participants to discuss these topics and take a look at our Decred Links list. Section is upadated regulary with most interesting projects.

Decred Links

Decred Cloud Mining
Why You should Invest in DCR?

Exchanges charts show that Decred tokens are one of most profitable investments in years to come. From the investor point of view there's a lot of advantages outsourcing mining to 3rd party service like ours. You can start mining Decred today with our Cloud Mining Contracts.

Advantages of Cloud Mining:
  • Dedicated Space - equipment needed for mining often takes a lot of space and make a lot of noise
  • Equipment Costs - getting mining equipment without bulk preorders can be very expensive plus additional devices, parts, repairs, upgrades etc.
  • Quick Setup - you can be mining cryptocoins in 24 hours time from the moment we receive payment confirmation for your Mining Power
  • Energy Bills - you dont need to worry about unexpected electricity bills with our all included Etherum cloud mining contracts
  • Maintenance - save your time and money on maintenance, hardware upgrades, software updates etc